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Gartner Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

Roadmap phase 1: Responding to threats

  • Attack surface expansion
  • Identity threat detection and response
  • Digital supply chain risk

Roadmap phase 2: Rethinking technology

  • Vendor consolidation
  • Cybersecurity mesh

Roadmap phase 3: Reframing practice 

  • Distributing decisions
  • Beyond awareness

What the trends mean for CISOs 

The more adept a security stack becomes at managing risk and supporting new business, the greater the potential career growth for CISOs. But unfortunately, legacy systems don’t just hold enterprises back from growing, and they hold careers back too. Today, speed and time-to-market are getting compressed on all digital business initiatives and new ventures. That’s the catalyst driving the urgency behind the seven trends.

The trends mean the following to CISOs today:

  • Decentralized cybersecurity is an asset.

Getting away from centralized cybersecurity and adopting a more decentralized organization and supporting tech stack increases an organization’s speed, responsiveness and adaptability to new business ventures. Centralized cybersecurity is a bottleneck that limits the progress of new initiatives and limits the careers of those managing them, most often CISOs.

  • Cybersecurity needs extreme ownership.

The hardest part of any CISO’s job is getting the thousands of employees in their organizations to follow cybersecurity hygiene. Authoritarian approaches and continual virtual learning programs are limited in effectiveness, evidenced by the record ransomware breaches in 2021 and continuing this year. CISOs need to take on change management to create extreme ownership of outcomes by employees. Finding new ways to reward ownership for cybersecurity and good security hygiene are key. The best-selling book, Extreme Ownership, is an excellent read and one that CISOs and their teams need to consider reading this year when it comes to leadership and change management.

  • Attack surfaces are just getting started.

It’s a safe bet that the number, complexity and challenges of managing multiple threat surfaces are only going to grow. CISOs and their teams need to anticipate it and secure their digital supply chains, especially in their core DevOps process areas. Getting IAM and PAM right is also essential, as the trend Identity Threat Detection and Response explains.

CISOs: find new ways to add value 

Getting bogged down with security tactics puts enterprises and careers at risk.

Value Prop 1: Instead, concentrate on making cyber-risk a business and organizational risk first. Only then can CISOs transition their organization to be more of an enabler and accelerator of new products and not a roadblock to new revenue.

Value Prop 2: Most important is for CISOs to look at the trends through the lens of how they can build stronger relationships outside of IT. Starting with other C-level executives, board members with a specific focus on the CRO and CMO are key.

The two executives who are the most responsible for revenue also make the riskiest decisions for an enterprise. Seeing how cybersecurity can manage risk is a great way to grow a business and a career.


MISSON INSIGHT CISOaaS provides the agile tools to support all of your Governance, Risk & Compliance SECOPS & SOC Functions through our multi-layered CISOaaS service offerings. We offer the right fit that can be scaled to your business operations.


Chief Information Security Officer-as-a-Service (CISOaaS)


What is CISOaaS?
Chief Information Security Officer-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) provides information security leadership from an appropriate pool of expertise and technical resources from within IT Governance. CISOaaS provides security guidance to senior management and drives the organization’s information security program.

The service can:

Provide your organization with a cost-effective way of maintaining information security systems and managing risk;
Offer an extension to your organization’s information security capabilities; and
Deliver an ongoing security presence and ensure risks and incidents are reduced before they can cause unacceptable business losses.
CISOaaS can help an organization identify its current information security maturity, the threat landscape, what needs to be protected and the level of protection required, as well as the regulatory requirements it needs to meet. The CISO will put together an information security strategy ensuring that the basics are implemented and maintained, risks are reduced and the maturity of information security will be raised.


Unsure if you need a CISO?

If your organization wants to get serious about security, employing a CISO is a vital step. For more information about the advantages of having a CISO, and how our CISOaaS may benefit your business, get in touch with one of our security experts today.


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CISOaaS Key Capabilities


Prioritises business operations and information assets for the organisation, and ensures that security, resources and budgets are fully aligned to execute these priorities.


Understands the implications of new or emerging threats and creates a risk-based strategic roadmap to align cyber security efforts with corporate risk appetite.

Technology Integrator

Selects and implements threat detection and monitoring solutions, and integrates services delivered by third parties into a seamless framework.

Threat Prevention

Monitors processes that safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and drive the overall security program.

Why employ a CISOaaS?

Organizations that are serious about security face the challenge of finding a CISO who has the right skills and knowledge. Someone must own the security and compliance strategy, but the requirement can extend beyond the expertise of operational IT and security managers.

However, investing in a full-time CISO can have its disadvantages, too. What happens when the CISO is ill, goes on holiday or is not up to date with the latest legislation or cyber threats?

A lack of security talent can also keep a full-time CISO from functioning effectively and seeing the bigger picture. Most CISOs will face the serious challenge of having too few team members and not enough experienced talent.

The benefits of our CISOaaS

A CISOaaS model can help you acquire this expertise without the drawbacks. It allows your organization to cost-effectively access strategic security experience and technical skills, gaining all the benefits without the capital expenditure (salary, hiring costs, sick pay, holiday pay, training costs and potential redundancy payments).

This enables your organization to build and maintain an ISMS (information security management system) and take a risk-driven approach to protect sensitive assets, supported by your in-house IT team.

Access a pool of experienced, specialised, senior cyber security professionals.
Access resources quickly and eliminate the need to attract and retain talent.
Lower your costs by only paying for the support required.
Reduce your risk by enhancing your cyber and information strategy with a clearly defined roadmap.
Gain experience to educate and present to all types of senior executives, board members and non-technical senior staff.
Our independent perspective and credibility can help secure cross-business support and achieve your information security goals.

The cost advantage of CISOaaS

The cyber security skills shortage is not only real – it is one of the biggest challenges IT leaders face today. As cyber security risks become more complex, it is difficult to find trained personnel who are both cyber information security professionals and affordable. PayScale reports that average pay for a CISO in the US is $150,000 (including bonuses). In SMEs, at the top end this can stretch to $270,000.

Long-term retention of those employees is almost impossible as they are always being poached by other organizations.

It will likely take 3–5 months and an investment of 15–20% of the right candidate’s first-year salary to find them.

Given that a breach is a matter of when, not if, organizations that hire a CISO can protect their cash flow. A Ponemon Institute study found that the appointment of a CISO reduced the overall cost of a breach by an average of US$144,940.

Our engagement process

A typical MI CISOaaS engagement will involve:


Every CISOaaS assignment differs in scope and objectives. Your requirements will depend on your current protection level, risk appetite and infrastructure.


CISOaaS will perform an assessment to identify the regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements that the organization must meet. The organization will also be audited using a standard framework.

Gap analysis:

CISOaaS will conduct a threat assessment and identify what needs to be protected and the level of protection. On completion of the security profile, a strategy and roadmap will be developed for the board to approve to reduce the risk to the organization and improve the maturity of its information security capability.


CISOaaS will implement the roadmap by initiating identity management, access control, inventory management and any other projects listed in the roadmap.


A reassessment will be conducted to determine the success of the implementation phase and to identify whether the risk profile has changed and the impact this has on the strategy and roadmap.

Continual maintenance:

CISOaaS will establish business-as-usual activities that could be undertaken on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.

Is the CISOaaS right for me?

You should consider this service if your organization:

  1. Operates a lean IT function and you need to protect your digital assets with limited resources, without opening new positions;
  2. Needs an effective way to lay the foundation for a permanent CISO function;
  3. Is under pressure to upgrade its cyber security strategy;
  4. Needs an interim measure when trying to recruit a permanent staff member; and/or
    Is designing the right architecture to mitigate the risks posed by cyber crime.

How IT Governance can help you

Expert individuals who have held leadership CISO roles and have a wealth of industry experience.
Skilled at ensuring your organization is prepared to deal with data breaches and incidents.
Ability to manage and communicate with regulators for all data privacy and information security requests on your behalf.
Experienced practitioners who can offer cyber security training as part of the service.

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Ready to find out more?

Select link for US - CERT CISA Report on Russian cybersecurrity threats

Ready to find out more?

Select link for DHS Report on the Chinese CCP cybersecurrity threats

MISSION "defined" --- MISSION "secured" ---
with the leadership & insight from

MISSION INSIGHT will move your CyberSecurity Governance maturity from the "REACTIVE & PROACTIVE" maturity levels to

"PREDICTIVE & OFFENSIVE" maturity levels!

Mar2021 cis advisory

POA&M Actions To Secure Your Infrastructure ---

MS ISAC Related Resource CIS Control3

Ready to find out more about this CIS Control to improve your security profile?

Review the CIS Control 3: Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation

The current CYBERTHREAT level of the United States based on MS-ISAC and other alerting agencies - 1QTR 2022

The Cyber Threat Alert Level was evaluated and is being raised to ORANGE (HIGH). Organizations and users are advised to update and apply all appropriate vendor security patches to vulnerable systems and to continue to update their antivirus signatures daily. Another line of defense includes user awareness training regarding the threats posed by attachments and hypertext links contained in emails especially from un-trusted sources.

Ready to find out more?

What is your CyberSecurity Governance & support operations maturity levels?
"Battlefields to Boardrooms" MISSION INSIGHT provides the "insight" to your strategic "mission"

Interested in joining our MI team?

MISSION INSIGHT is currently looking for highly skilled  CyberSecurity Governance, AWS Cloud IT support & training professionals to support the MD THINK program in Linthicum Maryland.
Do you have the skills to support the MISSION? 

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Select link for US - CERT CISA Report


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MI will lead the implementation of a comprehensive, measured & scalable governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program that will enable organizations to address & measure with KPIs, KGIs, & KRIs the multiple factors that are essential in managing and controlling your enterprise risk.

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CyberService: Cyber Maturity Management

MI will design, implement & manage a comprehensive and measured CyberResiliency Baseline & Improvement Assessment program that aligns with the NIST CSF and COBIT frameworks and will drive process innovation throughout your enterprise.

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CyberService: Cyber Risk Management

MI delivers on identifying risk & will support your enterprise Cyber Risk objectives with our Cyber Risk Management services. We help organizations identify, define & measure the many security challenges they face in their 'day-2-day" operations — supporting risk-based decisions and improved cybersecurity, reducing costs related to managing security risk, and improving their overall cybersecurity posture.

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IntelService: Competitive Intelligence

A critical component of risk for any organization is the unknown risk of the market landscape your business operates in. Are you ware of your true competitors or the known cyber threats that target your unique industry? MI can assess your current state market & competitive posture, identify known cyber vulnerabilities & threat remediation with detailed Plans of Action & Milestones (POA&Ms) and will provide a defined market landscape road-map that identifies your risk, known threats related to both cybersecurity & competition to drive your unique selling proposition (USP) & strategies through the implementation of actionable & quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs), key risk indicators (KRIs) & key goal indicators (KGIs).

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MISSION INSIGHT is a certified "Service - Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business" (SDVOSB) under the VA disability guidelines with a "reach-out" mission to transform our Veterans that have served our country into highly valued business consultants. MISSION INSIGHT focuses on securing insight to drive operational improvements to your CyberIntelligence & MarketIntelligence models for your business mission.

MISSION INSIGHT can assess your current state Security Governance functionality & work with your Security Team to mature to a new Capability Maturity Model level.

MISSION INSIGHT can construct a Security Governance that is built on the business foundation of the CyberSecurity Framework (CSF) and the technical foundation of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) to maximize your effectiveness in the identification of the few vulnerabilities that have the highest probability of exploitation.

MISSION INSIGHT is presently engaged with the State of Maryland in a support role providing a process driven Security Governance capability maturity model assessment to ensure the highest standards are met in securing the IT AWS infrastructure for the cutting-edge State of Maryland DHS MD THINK initiative that will serve as a model for the nation.


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